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$SELECT $3,600
Mild-moderate cases
Doctor designed treatment plan
Usually 6-8 months of treatment
$SUPREME $5,600
Moderate to severe cases
Doctor designed treatment plan
Usually more than 8 months of treatment

Monthly payment plans available through DENTAL CARD or PAY BRIGHT

$Additional Services
Permanent bonded retainers
Removable retainers
Smile Store Whitening
Dental Cleaning
Traditional Braces
Botox Services
Smile Tracking


BOTOX will beautifully relax tense facial muscles, and provide relief from clenching and grinding. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Simple, Safe and Affordable Teeth Whitening Treatment

Here at The Smile Store, we offer superior teeth whitening procedures. It’s painless.  The more treatments a person does, the whiter the teeth get.

Key Benefits:

1) Less Expensive
2) Faster
3) Most effective
4) No Sensitivity

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